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Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” pop ringtones

Pop Ringtones 80s Ringtones & Pop Ringtones & Phil Collins

Phil Collins is a successful adult Pop singer of the 80’s. His first album and solo “In the Air Tonight” was released when he was 30 years old. This particular song became a great hit as it became the top two on the UK charts. Since then he has been releasing many songs and many of them have hit the charts high as well. You Collins fans out there, if you are looking to download his hit song and ringtone then come and get 10 more complimentary ringtones. Some of the Phil Collins hits include Do You Remember, One More Night, In the Air Tonight, Sussudio, an others.

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Shakira “Don’t Bother” pop ringtones

Pop Ringtones Pop Ringtones & Shakira

Shakira has become one of the biggest female Latin Pop singers in the world. Following in the steps of other female artists who have turned to English pop, Shakira has excelled in the industry and continues to outperform many artists out there today. Shakira has hit the top of the charts many times with her songs which are very edgy and candid. Her singing voice is one that has to grow on you though it has won over many people instantly. If you are one of her fans then you’ve got to start downloading Shakira’s songs as ringtones on your cell phone. As you sign up, you will get 10 more complimentary ringtones. What are you waiting for?

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Usher “Burn” pop ringtones

Pop Ringtones Pop Ringtones & R&B Ringtones & Usher

Usher has become a sensation in the music industry for his great R&B songs. Since the 90’s, he has been rocking the music industry with his up-tempo songs and melodic ballads. Usher has won five Grammy Awards during his career which began at the very young age of 13. From then on, he has not looked back. Usher fans need to show their love by getting his songs as ringtones on their cellphones. When you sign up, you are entitled to receive 10 complimentary ringtones from Usher. Some of his hits include Burn, Confessions 1&2, My Boo, Bad Girl. Caught Up. Seduction, Nice and Slow, Dot Com, Throwback, U Remind me, Yeah, U Got It Bad, and many more.

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Mariah Carey “Heartbreaker” pop ringtones

Pop Ringtones Pop Ringtones & Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey had rocked the country with her latest hit song and ringtone “Heartbreaker”. This hit song from Mariah hit the top of the charts, it is not the first time that she has done it. She had her first big break singing for Columbia records and from then onwards she has not looked back. She is one of the best female pop singers in the music industry. All of you, Mariah fans, get out there and move your fingers to download her latest song and ringtones to your cell phone. As you sign up to download Mariah Carey’s hit song Heartbreaker, you will also receive access to other great songs from her playlist. Some of her hits include We Belong Together, Shake It Out, All I Want For Christmas, Don’t Forget About Us, Always Be My Baby, Fantasy, Hero, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, Do You Know Where You’re Going To, Through The Rain, It’s Like That, Without You, I Still Believe, Say Something, and many more.

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Justin Timberlake’s “Summer Love” pop ringtones

Pop Ringtones Pop Ringtones & Justin Timberlake Ringtones

Get Justin Timberlake’s “Summer Love” Ringtone! Show you are a true JT fan by having his latest ringtones on your cellphone. Once you Signup you can get many of Justin Timberlakes songs as a ringtone like Damn Girl, Chop Me, Love Stoned, Summer Love, Cry Me A River, Rock Your Body, Senorita, Sexy Back, Take Me Know, My Love, Right For Me, What Goes Around, Love Sounds, plus other Justin Timberlake hits on you cell phone.

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